Our operations

Factories. Dealers. Suppliers. Every part of our process is scrutinised to reduce climate and environmental impact.


Chemical use. Emissions. Consumption of energy. Levels of waste and noise. All our factories and buildings meet our stringent internal standard, and our operations are ISO 14001 certified. We look at each part of our process in turn, and make the necessary changes to lower our impact. By switching the energy sources for our heating and electricity, for example, we dramatically reduce the climate impact from our factories. We’ve also lowered the solvent emissions from our cab paint shop in Umeå, so it’s now the lowest in our industry.

Eliminating idle running

We’re also reducing idle running time across our business by optimising production and switching machines off when they’re not being used. Significantly reducing energy losses.

Change is in the air

Today our plants in Ghent, Tuve and Umeå are close to zero CO2 emissions. But we will continue until we reach net zero.


Our objective is to reduce our CO2 emissions to net zero by the year 2040. Better capacity utilisation. Improved control and management of goods flow. This helped us lower fuel consumption and emissions. We’ve also challenged the transporting companies working for us to reduce their CO2.

Energy efficiency

Low energy lighting. Increased temperature control. More efficient hydraulic tools. These are just some of the ways we’ve improved energy efficiency at our factories. In fact, just switching to more energy-efficient lighting halved our electricity consumption in Ghent.


Our dealers

Our first CO2-neutral dealership opened in Verona, Italy, in 2008. Today more than 300 of our dealers use solar power and other energy alternatives. Each dealer meets our environmental requirements.

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