Driving progress in electromobility


Electromobility plays a key role on the road to fossil-free transports.

Our electric trucks, based on well-proven technology within the Volvo Group, are already rolling on the streets in real operations.

The electrified transport solutions are helping transport operators to significantly reduce emissions and noise. 

We're determined to continue driving our industry towards a sustainable future.


First Volvo FL Electric and Volvo FE Electric delivered to transport operators for city distribution and refuse operations. In North America, sales of the Volvo VNR Electric, a truck for regional transport, began in 2020.


Battery-electric trucks for operations from medium-duty city distribution to heavy-duty regional transports are offered in Europe. This marks a major step to speed up the shift towards fossil-free transports.



Our objective is to offer a net-zero emission product range by 2040, where electromobility forms an important part. Battery-electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles will be key on this journey.


Our electrified transport solutions

We know the transport business and understand how important it is to make an easy and viable transition when undergoing a technology shift. The solutions we offer will not only be as climate-neutral as possible but also fulfil today’s demands on productivity and profitability. We offer robust and reliable electromobility solutions, including trucks tailored for the assignment, charging equipment, services for range and route planning, financing and more. All designed to meet the customers’ specific needs.

Advantages of electromobility

Lower noise and emission levels

Electric trucks produce no tailpipe emissions (NOx, PM) and have a very low total climate impact when electricity from renewable sources is used. They are also far quieter than conventional trucks.

New transport assignments

Operating an electric vehicle can enable transportation in cities at night thanks to low noise levels, which means avoiding peak hour congestion. Even indoor deliveries are possible – with low noise and zero exhaust emissions.

Improved driver environment

Electric trucks make life easier for drivers. The absence of low-frequency noise and exhaust emissions leads to a significant improvement in the driver’s working environment.


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